E Type Steering Wheel Restoration
Classic and Luxury Car Detailing Specialist

E Type Jaguar Coupe 4.2

After a roll over in the 2009 ‘Classic Adelaide Rally’ this car was written off, and in need of a total restoration. Following a complete strip down and assessment it was decided to remove the roof which was badly damaged and replace it with a good second hand one sourced from overseas. A few of the smaller cosmetic panels were replaced, the bonnet was beyond repair and a new one was purchased from Martin Robey.

The body was expertly restored and lovingly refinished by Autocar Creations at Strathalbyn SA, while this was being done the mechanicals were addressed. The rear suspension was damaged in the roll over so it was completely stripped, new parts sourced and the whole IRS re-built.

The engine was ‘refreshed’ with new piston rings, bearings, blueprinted and balanced. The cylinder head was completely renewed with valves, inserts and buckets while the three SU carburetors were sent away to the makers for complete rebuild. The electrical system was tested and components restored as needed, alternator, wiper motor and fan motors, every individual component was restored or renewed as necessary. When the body came back from the restorer the painstaking job of re-assembly was begun.

Starting with the replacement of the IRS, and then moving on to the engine bay, the engine frames were fitted followed by the picture frame and A frame. Then the slow job of fitting items in order of installation was done, the final components were the engine and gearbox, followed by the electrical system hook up, fuel and sundries until the completion of the engine bay was ready for start up. This was a slow process waiting for some parts and the engine. The fitment of body trim, door fit up, bumpers, lights and windows was completed before being sent to the trimmers for re-trim.

On return the process of Concours Preparation began with a complete detail starting with treatment of interior trim and then the painstaking process of final finish began. This is achieved by a power wash, step one of the three step paint process, deep clean, seal and glaze, and finally wax for that show shine. This was not only my finest work, but such a joy to see this lovely and iconic series 1.5 E returned to its original and pristine condition, it still remains my favorite car, and one I am always happy to have back in the garage for TLC…..

More photographs coming soon!