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About Concours Preparations


Concours Preparations has established a reputation across Australia for attention to detail and a passion for excellence.  Classic or luxury cars restored or detailed by Proprietor Alan Turner, have won both State and National Concours.

Alan graduated as a Mechanical engineer from LLandaff technical College in Cardiff South Wales UK in the mid 60s emigrated to Tasmania.

Alan’s passion for Classic cars came from the time spent in the car industry seeing many of the Classics of today bought and sold new.

As with most red blooded youths his passion for certain Marques came about by the very fact that so many of the desirable cars were out of reach. As many of us do, when his children had grown up his thoughts turned to those days of yore when dreams are formed.

His first venture into restoration and subsequent Concours was helping a friend restore and prepare an E type series 1.5 as a ground up project that achieved a state Concours win in both Elegance and de Tat.

Now nearly twenty years on and with many more successes at Concours, he has made the pursuit of excellence and detail a passion that has shaped his life.

The number of clients that pursue Alan to work on their classic cars and keep them in tip top order is testament indeed to the quality and detail of his reputation and the work that is turned week after week.