E Type Steering Wheel Restoration
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Classic and luxury car detailing to concours standard as required

Partial or full restoration of Jaguar E type M G and other models subject to discussion

E Type steering wheel restoration

Light engineering on request


E Type Steering Wheels

Arguably the most recognizable part of a Jaguar E type is the steering wheel? it has been copied and imitated all over the world since the E type was launched onto the market in the early sixties.

The unfortunate aspect of these wheels is that the materials used back then, mainly the adhesive that held the wood to the wheel was not as good as modern adhesives, and also I doubt if the designers figured that in fifty years people would still adore the cars and want to lavish expensive restoration upon them?

So we have been lovingly restoring these wheels now for many years and indeed have a reputation second to none for the superb refurbishment work, so much so that many have found homes in display cabinets and not back on the cars they came from.

The process involves the complete stripping back to the component parts, the refinishing and restoration of the metal work, wheels get a new mahogany wood rim and are finished to original shape and specification, we insist that the original shape be replicated but also increase the thickness slightly for added strength and ‘feel’, when refinished the wheels truly are a work of art.


Car Care

The truth is that few people understand the care that new and older cars need in this modern environment of “Acid Rain” “fallout” “severe pollution” and the effects of the harsh sun, these all take their toll on the finishes and interiors of our loved treasures.

The truth about good car care is that it ‘Pays’ it never ‘Costs' as owners will maximize value of classics, and minimize depreciation on modern cars.

Not everyone has the time, or the skills required to employ the specialist care that is needed and that is where we come in, we have been preparing winning cars for Concours for years and looking after expensive daily drivers, we understand what is required to maintain a classic and keep your daily driver in pristine condition.

Concours Preparation uses only the best products and all of the work is done by hand, we treat your treasure as if it were our own.